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  • Museum Quality Giclee Canvas prints
    Canvas prints and painting is difficult to get as they are limited to museums and often even spending a lot of money would not get the best quality photo on canvas.  The other thing about placing orders for canvas prints is that only wholesale or bulk orders are taken up. is the single most online store that offers to provide canvas prints at cheap prices.  As a professional service with over 5 years of experience in canvas printing, they are recognized to provide high quality prints at absolutely wholesale prices.  They even provide drop ship facility across the world from the factory.  The online gallery of canvas printing would provide a view of the various printing offers that can be bought at a cheap price.  The quality of the prints and painting is of utmost importance to the factory and as they are manufactured right at the factory, the prints re incomparable.  The services can be chosen by individual buyers, companies, website owners and by anybody who need the best quality canvas prints.
    The products that are available at are giclee prints, canvas art prints, polyester canvas, cotton canvas and linen canvas.  Customer service is of prior importance and hence quality isnˇŻt compromised irrespective of the orders.  Whether it is a single piece of art or bulk orders everything is offered at prices that are incomparable and the quality is impeccable.  The offers a wide range of high quality paintings which look like the canvases in the museum.  These exemplary paintings and prints can be bought easily and are even shipped across to the customers in a short period of time.  The prints can be ordered in the size which the customer requires or with a bar and frame.  Those who wish to get free quotes on orders can select the canvas paintings or prints from the online gallery and the details can be filled on the page to get the quote.
    To order wholesale canvas printing orders can be placed online or by mailing the requisites to .  For more details about the prices, the paints and prints the online gallery can be viewed at .  Customers can call for assistance or fax their orders to (86) 05925231102. 
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