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  • The decoration of cheap canvas prints
    June 8, 2013-Beijing-The cheap canvas prints are essential decorations for the walls of modern family room, clubs, villas, hotels, companies, enterprises and so on. The oil paintings could be the best decoration which could show its style and taste. On the other hand, the giclee canvas printing would also bring the atmospheres such as elegant, healthy and artistic to our indoor environment. You should know that the Decorative painting we has referred to here is the hand-painted oil painting and the canvas printing dropship. According to the designer's design experience, the design and layout methods of these oil paintings could be points listed below.
    The first factor is that we should consider the function of the space when we choose the cheap canvas prints or the genuine hand-painted painting. As we all know, the function of our living space could determine its application and the decoration art which had combined functions and manner would be the perfect interior design. The canvas printing dropship for bedrooms should rely on the topic which is related to person or close to the subject such as emotional communication. The canvas for children's bedroom should be the abstract painting with children theme. The living room should be dominated by landscapes which could make the environment become more open and clear. We could also hang some cheap canvas prints which are related flowers and fruits which can enhance people's appetite.
    The second is about that you should pay more attention to the communication of color. As we all know, the oil painting could let the inner space of the room become more and more beautiful. The room with the bright color would be suitable for the photo to canvas which has strong color contrasting. For the room which is cozy and elegant, we could consider the printed canvas with gentle color. If the color of the painting was contrasting color of the color of room, it could better reflect the decorative painting means. Frankly speaking, you should choose a professional supplier for canvas printing dropship when you want to purchase the high quality printed canvas with reasonable price. We suggest you to browsing the website which is the E-business owner for giclee canvas printing.
    The last is about the arrangement of decorative painting. Its location should be higher than the ground for about 1.5 to 2 meters. The light should project from the top left of the painting. This situation could meet the light position when the painter were painting the. On the other hand, the length and width of the cheap canvas prints should consider the size of the furniture. The frame size should in proportion with the canvas and the frame color should keep us with the furniture color. Golden point would be the best place to hang the paintings.


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