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  • The history and painting skill of canvas
    June 9, 2013-Italy-With the popularity of the photo on canvas, the oil painting has become the hot topic in many clients¡¯ mind. Most of the clients want to know more about the knowledge of the oil painting. Today, the best online website would tell you the history and fundamental information about the ancient canvas art.
    The ancient canvas art has a very important relationship with the European Renaissance. As we all know, the Renaissance was an ideological and cultural movement which had been held in the 14th century in Europe. After a thousand years' rule of feudal forces church, the people began to get rid of mental slavery. The classical culture which had been detained for many years had aroused people's attention. The earliest Renaissance had began in Italy and later extended to Western European countries. In this period of time, the oil painting had became more and more popular. Nowadays, the cheap canvas prints are the new expression for the ancient canvas. The ancient oil painting was only for the home decoration of noble people. On the other hand, the canvas prints wholesale had enetred into most of the ordinary people¡¯s house.
    Famous European painters such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Giorgione and Titian were the leader of Renaissance. At that time, there were a variety of famous masterpieces which were treasure of human culture. The styles of today¡¯s cheap canvas prints are all depend on the foundation of these ancient masterpieces. Our future would be determined by our past and now. The ancient oil paintings are the combination of ancient painting skill and people¡¯s mind. On the other hand, the modern canvas prints wholesale are the result of ancient style and technology.
    Whether it is ancient and modern, there are a variety of basic oil painting techniques. First, we would introduce with you the Nordic Netherlands School which had been represented by thin transparent method which was created by Jan Van Eyck. The second is the Italy school which had been represented by Titian who was lived in Venice. After the 17th century, although each painter has their own unique style and techniques, they could not be separated from these basic traditional painting techniques. If you could look at your giclee printing carefully, you could also find many details which are related to these basic skills. 
    From the information about the European's history of painting, the oil painting was original from the painting methods such as wax and plastic eggs. By the 15th century, the brother of Yang Fan Dyck had finished the conversion from plastic to oil. Because of the innovation on materials, the expressive of paintings had a full development. Its works had reached great leap forward in the depth and sophistication.
    From the description we have given you above, we think you should have more understanding about the history and basically skills about the ancient oil paniting.


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