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  • German neo-expressionist art

    June 9, 2013-Beijing-From the report of the media at June 8, 33 pieces of oil painting from German has been shown in Beijing. The expert has told us that this exhibition is the biggest affairs for the German neo-expressionist art. Most of the people who like the oil painting had attended this huge exhibition. However, if you are a lover for the canvas and you could not have the ability to offer to buy the genuine oil painting, you could buy one piece of cheap canvas prints from the website which is the best online wholesaler for the canvas prints wholesale.

    It is understood that the canvas works arrived from Germany were came from eight countries of European. The reason why this exhibition had attracted this kind of unprecedented attention is that a lot of works were created by famous six masters of new German expressionists which is the new developing trend of oil painting. This kind of masterpiece is too expensive for us. If you are rich enough and focus on the collective value of these oil paintings, you could but the genuine masterpiece. Otherwise, you could only buy cheap canvas prints which are only used for the home decoration for your own.

    The Neo-Expressionism had became famous in the late 20th century of Germany. This painting school has many world-class painters which had a profound impact with the world of contemporary art. However, the exhibition for German neo-expressionist works in China was not systematically which is the regret for most of the artists. This exhibition IN Beijing has brought together top works of six German neo- expressionist artists. The scale was unprecedented the. As China's first neo-expressionist art exhibitions, the number and quality of works in this exhibition were unprecedented. For the people who do not have the opportunity to see this show, you could brow our website where you could buy the photo on canvas about German neo-expressionist works.

    In addition to these world-class paintings, the audience had also had the opportunity to watch the famous sculpture exhibition. In a word, this exhibition was a very good chance for the oil painting lover especially for the fans of neo-expressionist art. Today, the oil painting has already entered into the market of the home decoration. But the genuine or the hand-painted oil paintings are too luxury to be bought by ordinary people. In this kind of situation, cheap canvas prints and giclee printing has appeared to solve this problem. Although this kind of canvas do not have any collective value, the decorative effect of canvas prints wholesale is pretty good. However, the oil painting art is still very popular and this exhibition is a good example for this condition.


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